Directed by Ron Howard

Writing credits Akiva Goldsman (screenplay) & Dan Brown (novel)

Cast overview:

Tom Hanks .... Robert Langdon
Audrey Tautou .... Sophie Neveu
Ian McKellen .... Sir Leigh Teabing
Jean Reno .... Captain Fache
Paul Bettany .... Silas
Alfred Molina .... Bishop Aringarosa
Jürgen Prochnow .... André Vernet
Jean-Yves Berteloot .... Remy Jean
Etienne Chicot .... Lt. Collet
Jean-Pierre Marielle .... Jacques Sauniere
Marie-Françoise Audollent .... Sister Sandrine
Rita Davies .... Elegant Woman at Rosslyn
Francesco Carnelutti .... Prefect
Seth Gabel .... Michael
Shane Zaza .... Youth on Bus

Opening Scene
Silas: Stop now. Tell me where it is.
Sauniere: Please. I don't...
Silas: You and your brethren possess what is not rightfully yours.
Sauniere: I don't know what you're talking about.
Silas: Is it a secret you will die for?
Sauniere: Please.
Silas: As you wish.
Sauniere: Wait. (speaking, but unintelligible).
Silas: Thank you. (shoots Sauniere).

Symbols Lecture
Robert Langdon: Thank you (to the audience). Thank you (pours a glass of water). Symbols are a language that can help us understand our past. As the saying goes, a picture says a thousand words, but... which words. Interpret for me please, this symbol, first thing that comes to mind, anybody.
Audience members: Hatred... racism... Ku Klux Klan.
Robert Langdon: Yes, yes, interesting, but...they would disagree with you in Spain. There, they are robes worn by priests'. Now, this symbol...anyone?
Audience members: Evil. La fourche du Diable.
Robert Langdon: In English please.
Audience member: Devil's pitchfork.
Robert Langdon: Poor, poor Posiden, that is his trident. A symbol of power to millions of the ancients. Now this symbol...
Audience members: Madonna and child. Faith. Christianity.
Robert Langdon: No, no, it's the pagan god Horus and his mother Isis centuries before the birth of Christ. Understanding our past determines actively our ability to understand the present... so, how do we sift truth from belief? How do we write our own history, personally or culturally, and thereby define ourselves. How do we penetrate years, centuries, of historical distortion, to find original truth. Tonight... this will be our quest.

The Book Signing
Woman at signing: My son is a student of yours at Harvard. Michael Culp?
Robert Langdon: Oh yeah...
Woman: He adores you. He says you're the best teacher he's ever had.
Robert Langdon: Mrs. Culp, I think I already gave Michael an A-minus.
Woman: *laughs* He told me, thank you.
Lieutenant Collet: Mr. Langdon, bonjour Professor, I am Lieutenant Collet from DCPJ, a kind of French FBI. Would you take a look at this photo please? My police chief, Captain Fache, had hoped, considering your expertise and the markings on the body, you might assist us.
Robert Langdon: (looks at picture Lieutenant Collet hands him) Will you excuse me a moment. (gets up) I was suppose to have drinks with him earlier this evening.
Lieutenant Collet: Yes, we know. We found your name in his daily planner.
Robert Langdon: He never showed, I waited for over an hour.
Lieutenant Collet: (nods yes)
Robert Langdon: Why would someone do this to him?
Lieutenant Collet: Oh you misunderstand Professor. He was shot yes. But what you see in the photograph, Monsieur Sauniere did to himself.

Silas Punishes Himself
Silas: Castigo corpus meum. (begins to flagellate himself)

The Plane Ride w/Bishop Aringarosa
Cleric: Let's cover the talking points your Eminence. Many call Opus Dei a brainwashing cult. Others, an ultra-conservative Christian secret society.
Bishop Aringarosa: Obviously some people fear what they cannot understand.
Cleric: Perhaps a less defensive tack, Your Eminence. The press continue to be harsh with us.
Bishop Aringarosa: We are not, umm... cafeteria Catholics. We don't pick and choose which rules to follow. We follow doctrine rigorously.
Cleric: Does doctrine necessarily include vows of chastity, tithing, and atonement for sins through self-flagellation and the cilice?
Bishop Aringarosa: Many of our followers are married, many of them have families. Only a small portion choose to live ascetic lives...
Cleric: (starts to speak)
Bishop Aringarosa: That will be all Michael, thank you. (Bishop Aringarosa answers the phone). Aringarosa.
Teacher: (in Latin, other voice on the phone) Silas has succeeded. The legend is true. It hides beneath the rose.

In Louvre Grande Gallery
Robert Langdon: (emerging from the elevator) Ah, Grande Gallery. This is where you found the body.
Captain Fache: How would you know that?
Robert Langdon: I recognize the parquet floor from the Polaroid. It's unmistakable. (sees Jacques Sauniere's body on the floor) Dear god. The Vitruvian Man, it's one of Leonardo's most famous sketches.
Captain Fache: And the star on his skin?
Robert Langdon: Pentacle.
Captain Fache: And it's meaning?
Robert Langdon: Pentacle is a pagan religious icon.
Captain Fache: Devil worship.
Robert Langdon: No. No, no, no, no, no, no. The pentacle before that. This is a symbol for Venus, it represents the female half of all things.
Captain Fache: You are telling me Sauniere's last act on earth was to draw a goddess symbol on his chest. Why?

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